Children's Stories of Meaning-Making (Thru the Eyes of a Chicken) is now available for the iPad.

CHARACTERS: A story scientist, an invisible friend, and a counterfactual chicken. To see what they look like, click here.

ALPHABET: The alphabet is part of meaning-making, so we used it to sort the children's stories. This is our alphabet. 

MAPS: We have two.

In 2004, Resa Matlock and John Hornstein wrote Sometimes a Smudge Is Just A Smudge and Sometimes It's a Saber-toothed Tiger for NAEYC's Beyond the Journal. Our conversations about adults and children and stories continued, and in 2014, we offered a 3-hour presentation, Stories of Science, at NAEYC's National Conference.

In our new eBook, Children's Stories of Meaning-Making (Thru the Eyes of a Chicken), we have created a story-based book for adults, that comes with three wishes for readers.

Adults will:

1) gain a better understanding of children’s meaning-making;

2) strengthen their ability to reflect on their responses to children’s stories; and

3) find themselves thinking, Once upon a chicken: what an excellent way to begin a sentence. 


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