Vivian Paley referred to story and play as the "original learning tools." Our online video catalog, The Language of Story and Play, is designed to help early childhood professionals learn more about collecting, connecting, nurturing and co-construcing stories with young children.

The catalog's 80-plus clips have been sorted into 10 series.

The series are:
1 Language and Stories Begin
2 Stories and Play: Tools of Learning
3 Extending Story and Play
4 Narrative Development 101
5 Enter Vivian Paley
6 Practicing Storytelling and Story Acting (STSA)
7 Enter Professional Storytellers
8 Adding Tips from Professionals
9 STSA & Beyond
10 Enter Process Drama

Each of the series also includes a downloadable viewer's guide for taking notes about the clips. (Click here to see the guide for Series 1, Language and Stories Begin.)
The clips in each of the series come with a transcript, and their contents have been assigned categories and tags.
Clicking on a category name allows you to see all of the clips in that category. The categories are: Exploring, Collecting, Connecting, Nurturing, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, Storytelling by Adults, and Worlds Colliding.
Clicking on a tag allows subscribers to view all other clips that address the same topic. Some of the tags refer to teaching strategies (narrate behavior); others refer to the early childhood foundations (music, science, math, etc.); and still others offer examples of children practicing social/emotional skills such as taking turnsempathy and persistence.
Each clip is accompanied by a transcript of its contents. This offers subscribers another way to find related clips. After watching a clip and trying out a strategy, you can choose to explore additional examples. Entering a word in the Search box allows you to find other instances where that word was included in the clip. For example, we have a tag called “animals,” but if you search for “spider," you will find 12 clips where children were thinking about spiders.

A short video about the catalog can be seen here.  

Additional information can be found here.


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